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Our services

We create the most practical and spacious premises in which you want to live
Low-rise construction
We design the house of your dreams and make it come true. Each such project is developed using BIM technology, which helps save your money and helps get rid of mistakes in the construction of buildings.
Home repair
We create a design project of your apartment and carry out repair work until your full occupancy. We work only with people we have tested, the result of which we can guarantee.
Residential real estate design
We create the interiors of residential real estate, taking into account all the nuances of planning. We add comfort and special atmosphere.
Commercial interior design
We design commercial interiors. We help to develop small and big business, because your interior is the face of your brand.
Architectural design
We create the project of your dream house, which we implement into reality.
Commercial 3D visualization
We develop 3D visualization for our commercial customers. We create ready-made solutions to show your potential customers objects that are still being built or manufactured.
Furniture to order
We create drawings and make furniture to individual order.
Graphic design
We are engaged in the development of logos, business cards, banners and product catalogs. We create the style of your business.
About us
AIR Construction Group is a team of young professional construction engineers, architects and interior designers from Ivano-Frankivsk. Each of us sets a goal - to realize your dream of an ideal and comfortable home. Construction, design and architecture for us are not only work, but also the source of many positive emotions.

A professional approach, trusted suppliers and extensive experience guarantee a quick and high-quality result. Modern and creative solutions, always the most loyal attitude to the customer, technically correct documentation, compliance with all building standards - an integral part of our activities.

You take off all the risks related to unsuccessful repairs and construction, ineptly chosen style, damaged facing materials and, most importantly, spent nerves and funds. You have a unique opportunity to see the final result long before its implementation.

If we could interest you and make you think about ordering our own unique project, we will be happy to provide a free consultation.
Tell us about your dream and we will make it a reality!
Our special projects
Price list
Choose the best tariff for you
5$ m2
  • Measurement of the object
  • Photo/video recording
  • Development of several variants of planning solutions (up to 5 pieces)
  • Plan of installation/dismantling of partitions
  • The plan of erecting partitions
  • Dimensional plan after replanning
  • Furniture pla
Turnkey repair
from 545$ m2
  • Stage 1. Development of a complete design project
  • Carrying out measurements and filling out the technical task
  • Development of a conceptual solution
  • Creation of 3D visualizations
  • Development of a complete package of working documentation
  • Formation of an estimate for repair works
  • Stage 2. Execution of repair works
  • Execution of a full range of remote works according to the design project of the studio (drafting and finishing works, installation of plumbing, electricity, etc.)
  • Production of furniture to order (development of drawings and their detailing, submission for production, purchase and installation of materials)
  • Completing the object with furniture and materials
  • Organization of deliveries to the facility
  • Technical and copyright support of the object (control of implementation and remote works)
  • Stage 1
  • Control over project implementation in accordance with the design project album
  • Approval of the estimated cost of works
  • Consulting of repairers
  • Work with contractors
  • Organization of supplies of components
  • Visits to the object during remote works (1-2 times a week)
  • Control of the remote work process
  • Making changes or clarifications to the project during implementation
  • Stage 2
  • Selection and assistance in purchasing materials and equipment
  • Organization of deliveries to the facility
  • Assistance in returning or exchanging goods
  • Search for alternative positions in cases of non-availability
  • Individual selection of suppliers
  • Visits to the store and delivery of samples to the facility

How we work?

Set deadlines and sign an agreement
We work under a formal contract.
We take measurements of your premises
We measure the rooms | area as accurately as possible, taking into account all communications and important details.
We collect information about the preferences of our customer
For personal communication, we fill out the terms of reference for a project developed individually by our team (we adapt individually for each project).
We are planning your future interior | exterior
We develop several planning options and make corrections until we get the perfect option. At the same time, we take into account all your wishes and ideas.
Create a concept for future design
We select the color scheme, ideas, style of the room | house. We develop a draft version of the project, which is agreed with our customer. We make corrections and proceed to the next stage.
We develop photorealistic 3D visualization of your interior | exterior
We create photorealistic images of the future interior | exterior in all necessary angles.
We develop a full package of drawings for the construction team
We are engaged in the development of working documentation. This is a very important stage in the work, because it is on it that your project will be implemented. The working documentation is a kind of instruction for the repair | building team.
We are engaged in the selection of materials
The main requirement at this stage is compliance with your budget, as well as the price-quality criterion. We ourselves calculate the required quantity, the exact cost, indicate the characteristics, as well as all the addresses / links of stores where you can get everything you need.
We hand over the finished project
We draw up a finished project in A3 format and submit it to you in print and electronic formats.
We are engaged in individual selection of the construction team and proceed to the project
This service belongs to our Platinum package. Our designer | architect from time to time visits your object to check the conformity of the repair work in the project. All important repair issues are decided by our designer.
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